About 2023 ANZLF

18 - 19 July 2023 | Pōneke Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

Leadership Forum

More than 250 senior leaders from Australia and New Zealand gathered in Wellington on 18-19 July to attend the 2023 Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum. Over two days, delegates from business, government, industry, academia and civil society deliberated over the future priorities for the bilateral relationship, shaping the future of economic collaboration between Australia and New Zealand. Through insightful discussion, the Forum produced a set of recommendations that chart a transformative course, fostering shared prosperity, sustainability, and innovation in the trans-Tasman relationship.

  1. Indigenous Inclusion: Acknowledging the significance of Indigenous culture and heritage, the ANZLF Indigenous Business Sector Group recommended that both governments leverage the revised Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement CER) and the bilateral Indigenous Collaboration Arrangement (ICA) to promote and improve Indigenous economic advancement. The IBSG also calls for the establishment of Special Indigenous Trade Envoys and Ambassadors, and a dedicated Indigenous Collaboration Arrangement working group.
  2. Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability: With unanimous support from the business community, the Forum emphasized the integration of climate change and environmental sustainability within the CER framework. The recommendation calls for common reporting standards aligned with the goal of achieving net-zero emissions.
  3. Seamless Trans-Tasman Border: Building on the foundation of CER, the Forum renewed the vision for a seamless trans-Tasman border. Through technological advancements and data sharing processes, this initiative envisions enhanced travel experiences, border security, and economic growth. The joint Seamless Border Taskforce recommended by the ANZLF will deliver its recommendations to both Governments by the end of June 2024.
  4. Digital Economy Chapter for CER: To retain CER's stature as a benchmark agreement, the Forum recommends the inclusion of a digital economy chapter. This chapter encompasses aligned digital standards, mutual recognition of digital credentials, and harmonization of legislation across both nations.
  5. Strengthening Business Engagement with the Pacific: Recognizing the importance of regional prosperity, the Forum highlights the need to foster greater business connectivity with the Pacific. Strategies for enhanced engagement, underscore the commitment to collaboration and growth.
  6. Defence and Space Industry Collaboration: The ANZLF defence Industry Roundtable set the stage for heightened collaboration in defence and space sectors. The inclusion of defence Industry and Space provisions within the CER and Closer Defence Relations framework opens avenues for innovative cooperation.
  7. Continued Pursuit of the SEM: Collaborative efforts at official and Ministerial levels remain central to implementing these recommendations. Adherence to principles of interoperability and standards alignment is reiterated.

We invite you to explore photos from the 2023 ANZLF capturing the vibrant moments and insightful discussions from the Forum. These images provide a glimpse into the collaborative spirit that will guide the trans-Tasman partnership over the next four decades.

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