The next generation of trans-Tasman leaders to meet in Auckland (New Zealand)

For the first time the ANZLF will bring together the next generation of trans-Tasman leaders.

The selected leaders will meet tomorrow in Auckland for the ANZLF’s newly established Emerging Leaders Programme.

The ANZLF, Co-Chaired by Carnival Chair Ann Sherry AO and Auckland Airport CEO Adrian Littlewood, brings together business and government leaders to help Australia and New Zealand prosper.

The programme was driven from a shared aspiration between the ANZLF Co-Chairs that a new generation of business and community leaders who would drive innovation and harness the opportunities presented by the strength of the trans-Tasman relationship that is built on history, geography, values and enduring mateship.

ANZLF New Zealand Co-Chair, Adrian Littlewood will be attending the event to provide guidance to the next generation of leaders with the capacity to contribute to the bilateral relationship in the future.

"The bilateral relationship is underpinned by strong people to people connections. Participation in the Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum will benefit our Emerging Leaders by enabling them to connect with senior business leaders from both sides of the Tasman and to build personal relationships with each other, and to engage on important issues that matter to both countries."

"I think there is great opportunity for our Emerging Leaders to continue to strengthen the trans-Tasman relationship by continuing initiatives that improve movement of people, capital and ideas between our two countries," Adrian said.

"In a few words, I would describe the attributes a great leader needs as curiosity, integrity and the ability to set a goal and simply explain why going for that goal makes sense. And as a bonus, a willingness to work hard."

The group, co-chaired by Economists Without Borders CEO Nicholas Johnson and Student Volunteer Army Founder Sam Johnson, were surveyed with 80 per cent agreeing the trans-Tasman relationship was more important than other relationships for both countries.

ANZLF Emerging Leader New Zealand Co-Chair Sam Johnson said he is looking forward to bringing this group together in Auckland.

"The role future business leaders have in continuing to build on the strong relationship between Australia and New Zealand is incredibly important for continued prosperity across both the countries. I’m thrilled to be a part of this journey."

The programme will provide thirty-two selected emerging leaders with access to some of Australia and New Zealand’s most senior business leaders for a briefing on trans-Tasman relations, along with leadership coaching.

The emerging leaders will also be invited to attend the ANZLF’s Celebration Dinner and the Forum meeting, attended by key Ministers and senior business leaders from across the Tasman.