Tourism Sector Group

The Tourism Sector Group is co-chaired by Margy Osmond and Scott Tasker

The Tourism Sector Group is comprised of leading industry players and officials. Pre-COVID19, it  focused on delivering a streamlined travel experience across the Tasman which strengthens borders, as well as identifying and implementing practical/low cost efficiency measures to streamline trans-Tasman travel.

Key priorities included border simplification; streamlining of cruise ship and airline processes; privacy and data sharing; creating a common visitor visa to ensure ease of travel across the Tasman for third country visitors; addressing the challenge of sustainable growth in the tourism sector; and collaborating on Indigenous tourism opportunities with the ANZLF’s Indigenous Business Sector Group.

During 2020 and 2021 this Sector Group led the Trans-Tasman Safe Border Group and has continued to push for the safe reopening of trans-Tasman air links whenever they have been suspended due to COVID19.

The following initiatives were presented at the 2019 Forum. For a more comprehensive look at the Tourism Sector Group work plan, click here